Gallery: Coimbra, Portugal


Located in the Centro Region of Portugal is Coimbra; dating back to the Roman Empire, the city is the 3rd largest in Portugal and was once the Capital City of Portugal — during the Middle Ages. The city is set on a hill just alongside the Mondego River, which acts as a transportation waterway between Coimbra and Figueira da Foz on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Coimbra -- Map

Not only is Coimbra a destination for those travelers who want to visit a metropolitan Portuguese city with a more laid-back feel than Lisbon or Porto, it is a destination for those who wish to see the Roman influenced architecture of the central city, and the outlying archaeological sites such as the Roman Ruins, the Roman Aqueduct, and other ancient sites dating back as far as 569 A.D.


The University of Coimbra — Universidade de Coimbra

The most popular site to visit in all of Coimbra is the University of Coimbra and its rich heritage.

Originally established in 1290 A.D.

One of the oldest Universities in all of Europe and of Portugal, the University of Coimbra has been the academic center of Western Europe for centuries and continues today. Students still walk the campus of the University, although alongside many tourists and travelers who wish to see the famous buildings and departments that were named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2103.


The Joanina Library

The Joanina Library (Biblioteca Joanina) is an historic building housing the many volumes of books (250 thousand volumes) and antiquities and is connected to the Old University of Coimbra campus. This national monument is a must see for book lovers and those who want to see the ornate Baroque style architecture and ornate wood carvings in the library’s many shelves and stairs. The library often plays host to remarks, speeches and lectures, as well as the occasional concert — See the video below of a small concert in the Joanina Library:

Get to Know Coimbra a Little Better with the Video Below:

Dining In Coimbra, Portugal — Our Favorite Restaurant in Coimbra:

A Taverna Restaurante in Coimbra Portugal

A Taberna Restaurante in Coimbra, Portugal

Our favorite restaurant in Coimbra, A Taberna is a small family-owned restaurant that serves traditional Portuguese dishes in a warm and inviting atmosphere. A staple in Coimbra for over 25 years, Chef Jose Gil keeps his menu small, but comfortably-so. The dishes served change regularly, but patrons can expect to see familiar favorites like bacalao (cod/whitefish) and fresh greens from the countryside of Centro. All meals are served with a delicious array of rye bread, prosciutto ham, cheese and olives, and their wines are hand selected favorites of the house that will quickly become a favorite of yours as well.

See A Selection of Dishes from A Taberna Below: A Taverna Dish 1

Bacalhau Na Brasa Com Batata a Murro
(Cod Grilled With Spiced Potatoes)

A Taverna Dish 2

 Polvo Na Brasa
(Grilled Octopus)

A Taverna Dish 3

Cabrito Assado No Forno
(Oven Roasted Lamb)

A Taverna Dish 4

Visit A Taberna for Yourself:

A Taberna Restaurant Coimbra

A Taberna Restaurant
Rua Combatentes da Grande Guerra 86
3030-181 Coimbra, Portugal
Tel: +351 239 716 265
Fax: +351 239 780 034

Check Out the Aerial Night Video of Coimbra, Portugal Below:

And Check Out Our Coimbra, Portugal Photo Gallery Below:

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12 responses to “Gallery: Coimbra, Portugal

  1. Before this, Portugal has never been in my list of must-visit country (as in the saying, you cannot love what you don’t know)… and after reading this I’m starting to be interested (oh no, another country to add to the my growing wishlist…) 😀 thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Portugal! I’m going to go on holiday every year to Portugal. Comibra I know, but I’ve never been there. I know the wonderful castle Sintra.
    Keep going that way. lg

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