Gallery: Suzhou, China

Suzhou China Travel PhotosSuzhou — Pronounced Soo-Chow — is a city of Eastern China, in the Jiangsu Province, that sits on the banks of both the Yangtze river and along canals of Taihu Lake. Known worldwide for its beautiful system of ancient canals, the area around Suzhou is unlike any of the other popular canal cities of the world, such as Venice and Bruges. Given the ancient Chinese culture and practices of the area, the city of Suzhou is filled with peaceful gardens, traditional Chinese wooden buildings, ponds filled with colorful fish, and mysterious statues and carvings. Suzhou is both other-worldly and rigorously traditional, and is one of our favorite destinations within China.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Suzhou, its canals and the Suzhou Gardens are the epitome of blending natural landscapes with modern and traditional cultures.

Classical Gardens of Suzhou Photos

Classical Gardens of Suzhou — Suzhou, China

Planned and constructed over the span of a thousand years — from the Northern Song to the late Qing dynasties (11th-19th century) — the gardens and their waters, ponds, and canals were built mostly by hand over the centuries, though modern equipment and techniques have been applied in recent years to ensure that the gardens will withstand the test of time. The area of the Suzhou Classical Gardens has long been home to various scholars throughout history, these scholars are the architects of the gardens, and employed many classical Chinese gardening techniques including the perfect positioning of rocks streams, plants, and pagodas and columns.

The design on the Classical Gardens of Suzhou are considered some of the most beautiful gardens in all of the world, so it is no surprise that many other cities in China have long been mimicking the style, planting gardens in the same style as an attraction for tourists, as well as for beautification of the towns, but none of these can compare to the original in Suzhou.

The Gardens are seperated into several smaller gardens with various themes, and each of these smaller gardens acts as it own sort of attraction within the greater attraction of the Suzhou Classical Gardens. These gardens include:

The Humble Administrator's Garden Suzhou

The Humble Administrator’s Garden Suzhou

The Lingering Garden

The Lingering Garden

Garden of the Master of the Nets

Garden of the Master of the Nets

Famous Suzhou garden designers include Zhang Liang, Ji Cheng, Ge Yuliang, and Chen Congzhou.

This Video Shows A Number of Suzhou Residents, Sights, and Culture:

Check Out Our Best Suzhou China Photo Gallery Below:


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  1. Every day of living in suzhou is exciting.. While we are finally able to travel the world, the most incredible place to see is right here all around us! Thank u for this informative and picturesque description. It truly is a beautiful city!

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