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Strasbourg Travel Photo Gallery

Strasbourg, in the Alsace region of France, is truly the coalescence of German and French cultures, and of medieval and modern times. Situated on the border of France and Germany, the waterways of Strasbourg flow around the Grand Ile (Great Island), which is home to the “old city” and the traditional buildings that date back to the 15th century and beyond. Though the region exemplifies the mixing of Germanic and French cultures, the residents of the Alsace region typically speak German or variances of Alsatian.

European parliament

European parliament — Modern Region of Strasbourg

Sightseeing in Strasbourg

The sightseeing districts of Strasbourg are typically broken up into two categories: Modern Strasbourg Sightseeing and Medieval Strasbourg Sightseeing. The modern sightseeing route will take you through the more modern area of Strasbourg, where the European Parliament buildings and the seats of the European Union congregate. This area will have more modern luxuries such as high end retail shopping, opulent lodging, and fine dining. The Medieval route of touring will take you to the Grande Ile, or Old Town Strasbourg in the center of the city.

When sightseeing in Petite France, don’t forget to stop and see the Medieval Museum of Strasbourg.

The Grande Ile, Strasbourg, Petite France

The Grande Ile, Strasbourg, Petite France

The Grande Ile, Strasbourg

The Grand Ile is the home to “Petite France,” called-so because it is the densest collection of traditional French timber-framed homes and architecture. The common images one recollects when thinking of a medieval village in the 1400s, is exactly the image of Strasbourg that stands today in Petite France.


Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Yes, there is actually more than one Notre Dame Cathedral in France. Officially known as the “Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg,” the church is one of the oldest cathedrals in France, and is considered one of the earliest examples of high Gothic Architecture. This immense edifice is a work of beauty and devotion, and is a must-see for any Strasbourg visitor.

The Astronomical Clock is a marvel.

Strasbourg astronomical clock

Strasbourg astronomical clock

The Christmas Market -- Strasbourg France

The Christmas Market — Strasbourg France

The Strasbourg Christmas Market

Known locally as the “Christkindelsmärik,” the Christmas Market is the largest of its kind in Europe, and attracts travelers from all over the globe that want to be a part of the truest Christmas experience on the planet. With the medieval buildings and multi-colored strands of lights that are spun all over the city, it is hard not to imagine yourself in the setting of “A Christmas Carol.”

The Christmas Market is a very big draw; Strasbourg becomes very busy around Christmas time, so it is reccomended that you reserve your plans for visiting the Christmas Market well in-advance.

La Petite France, Strasbourg, Alsace

La Petite France, Strasbourg, Alsace

Check Out This Video on The Strasbourg Christmas Market:

And Check Out Our Strasbourg Travel Photo Gallery Below:

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27 responses to “Gallery: Strasbourg, France

  1. The name looks so German to me. With such a German city name in French, no surprise it has both the culture. Look very interesting. I would love to visit the city one day. The photos are beautifully taken.

  2. Drove through some years ago, but didn’t get to spend much time in the city. I do remember that it was an interesting mix of German and French culture. I have studied both languages, so I was pretty much in hog heaven in that regard. lol Would love to return and spend more time taking in the city and it’s environs.

  3. Your article was a lovely walk down memory lane for me. I traveled to Strasborg several years ago and absolutely loved it! Enchanting storybook, indeed!

  4. Love this post. Reminds me of my student days when I visited Strasbourg whilst studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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