Gallery: Sevastopol, Ukraine

Sevastopol Ukraine Travel

We would like to preface this article with a small statement… This article was meant to be much more than just a simple gallery of photos of the lovely landscape of Southern Ukraine. However, as you might have seen in the news, Ukraine has been marred by violence, protests, and unrest in the past week. Unfortunately this caused us to significantly scale-back the scope of the article.

In the end, we felt that it was not an appropriate time for the article, and instead decided to give our readers this gallery of photos from our favorite Ukrainian destination: Sevastopol. Enjoy the Gallery, and keep all of those that are in dangerous positions in Ukraine in your heart and thoughts.

Thank You All,

-The Bellhops

NOTE: Ukraine has seen many years of unrest and war, which is noticeable in many of these photos… You can see bunkers and military trash all around Sevastopol and countryside.

Sevastopol Ukraine Photo Gallery:

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11 responses to “Gallery: Sevastopol, Ukraine

  1. It is beautiful. Frankly the unrest over in that direction would certainly keep me away. It’s good to be able to travel from the safety of my desk chair for now. 😉

  2. I love IT.

    Sevastopol is on my to do list in Ukraine. But, my last trip was focused upon Maidan …. As you might have heard, it is supposed to be an almost civil war in the streets.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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