Discover Tasmania: Unique Oceana Travel Destination

Travel Tasmania Photo Tour Guide

There are many Island States around the world that are fantastic destinations for beaches, great culture, and unique cuisine. One of our favorites, is Tasmania. Tasmania is reminiscent of a Mainland Australian vacation, but offers so much more, and can (in some instances) be much more affordable than the Mainland Australian hotspots.

Tasmania is the 26th largest island in the world. With all of that space, the State of Tasmania has crafted an entire state that can be compared to a theme park of natural and cultural entertainment. Nearly 45% of Tasmanian land is reserved as World Heritage Sites, Reserves, and National Parks, leaving an unspoiled natural playground for nature-loving travelers.

Not all of Tasmania is undeveloped, the State Capital, Hobart, is a modern city with all of the amenities, goods, services, and dining options that you would expect from any other modern travel destination.

We could go on, but Tasmania is a sight that must be seen, to best be explained:

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9 responses to “Discover Tasmania: Unique Oceana Travel Destination

  1. We had the pleasure of spending a week in Tasmania in 2010, and found it to be absolutely delightful. We flew into Hobart, rented a car then drove up the eastern seaboard, stopping at the various beaches, and flew back to Melbourne out of Launceston.

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