World Class Hotels: The Residences Dubrovnik

Fingers of pale violet light slip through the blinds of your resort apartment, from the sun rising just over the east coast of the Adriatic and caress your face gently, finally changing to a bright rose color as your rise for the day, with coffee already brewing in the pot for you.

Residences resident living

Residences resident living

You slip into a white terrycloth robe, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and walk out on your terrace. Sitting at your table, slotted in shadow from the exposed cedar trellis you cast your gaze out across the Adriatic, sparkling in sapphire and carrying the scent of Mediterranean cyprus on the breeze.

Sports Centre at Dubrovnik Residences

Sports Centre at Dubrovnik Residences

You are swaddled in comfort and luxury as the Dubrovnik Gardens in your resort apartment. Your guests from out of town are still sleeping comfortably in their own room while you take in the view of the gardens and finish your coffee.

Heading to your full-featured, sleek and modern kitchen, you prepare a breakfast with all the comforts of home in ease, while the rest of your family and guests rise for breakfast. Or maybe everyone feels like heading down to the Origano restaurant for breakfast on the terrace, soaking up the morning sunshine to energize them for the day. Over a breakfast of burek, spek, pastries fruits cheeses and coffee, you talk of going to the in-resort luxury spa, OCCO to start the day off on the right note.

After breakfast and the spa, you all retire to Cilantro. The Dubrovnik Sun Gardens’ restaurant with spectacular seaside views for lunch. You’ll have your choice of the freshest seafood and Croatian specialties here.

Oysters Festival Dubrovnik

Don’t Miss the OysterFestival Dubrovnik

A bit relaxed from the morning spa trip, an excellent gourmet meal and some fine wine, you retire back to your resort apartment for a light nap or maybe a little reading and relaxation, soaking-up the incredibly beautiful surroundings.

When everyone’s ready to go out for the night, the Dubrovnik Sun Gardens hosts a number of fine bars and lounge-clubs to choose from. No one will be lost for what to do on any given evening. From the Lemonia or Marina Pool Bars to the lounges and immerse yourself in music and fine food.

Tartufo Resort Dining

Restaurant Tartufo at Residences

If a long-term stay isn’t on your itinerary, you’re not going to miss out on the amenities of the Dubrovnik Sun Gardens. The resort offers a host of rooms and suites to suit any need with all the amenities you would expect from such a fine establishment.

The kids will not be at a loss for what to do when they attend the Kids Club at the Dubrovnik Gardens resort. And not to worry, if you’re going to go out on the town for the night, the hotel can arrange, with notice, for a babysitter with verified references. So you can go out and explore Dubrovnik to your heart’s content, secure in the knowledge that your children are well taken care of.

Vino Wine Bar Dubrovnik

Have a Glass of Wine and Appetizers at Vino Wine Bar

The Dubrovnik Sun Gardens is a truly unique experience that could not have been placed in a more exquisite location. Nestled against the shoreline of the shimmering adriatic, with rooms, suites and long-term stay apartments, you will be well taken care of. Whether you’re staying for a weekend getaway, a week-long adventure of Croatia with the Sun Gardens as your home base, or you’re a writer or a retiree looking at a long-stay apartment to unwind in, the Sun Gardens is home for as long as you wish.

The Residences in Dubrovnik is so awe-inspiring, beautiful, and luxurious that you are just going to have to see it for yourself.

Click the Video Below to Take a Tour of the Residences:

Resort from Residences Dubrovnik Sun Gardens on Vimeo.

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