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Sure, the Rocky Mountains’ Ski Resort Towns are known for as great destinations during the winter ski season, but have you ever visited the Rockies during the summer melt?

The “Off-Season” in Colorado is anything but… During the summer months, the Peaks of the Rockies begin to melt, sending streams of crystal-clear waters throughout the countryside. The valleys grow green, and the once-white ski resorts turn into summer-retreats for those looking to get away from the heat of July.

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Highmark Lodge — in Steamboat Springs, Colorado — is the perfect example of a ski resort that is versatile throughout the seasons. Highmark draws nearly the amount of summer visitors  as their winter guests.

What is the draw of a ski town in the summer?

First-off, the waterfalls. All of that snow-melt turns into springs and runoff that cascades down the granite faces of the Rocky Mountains. This is a sight to be see, as it is reminiscent of the French Alps in summertime.

Second, the shopping. Ski towns thrive off of their wintertime sales, so you can get the same merchandise in these shops at up to 70% off during the summer. skiing equipment, snowboarding equipment; even clothing, boots, and luggage can be bought for cheaper prices than during most of the year.

Third, cheaper hotel rates. It is no surprise that “The Off-Season” has cheaper rates. What IS surprising, is that tourism still falls during the summer in towns like Steamboat Springs, as it is still a draw — for its climate and comforts.

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The interior of Highmark, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is extravagant, yet tasteful. That is the style of Colorado lodges: extreme luxury, but within taste. The climate of the Colorado Highlands is very extreme; so a lodge would take great care in making itself inviting, comfortable, and stylish.

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Highmark is currently running summer  savings deals, so if you want to take the family to the High Country of Colorado, take advantage of this exclusive deal:

Stay longer to save more … summer special up to 30% OFF!

Book your Steamboat Springs summer lodging today and save up to 30%! Highmark Steamboat is offering 20% off 2 night stays, 25% off 3 night stays, and 30% off 4 or more night stays. The longer you stay, the more you save! There’s so much to do here in Steamboat during the summer that you’re going to want to stay longer anyways. These discounts are available through July 21:

  • 20% off all 2 night stays

  • 25% off 3 night stays

  • 30% off 4 or more night stays

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