The Rain Room: The Museum of Modern Art

ibellhop -- Rain Room Museum of Modern Art

One of the coolest art exhibits in recent history, The Rain Room is an interactive display that lets you control the rain in “a carefully choreographed downpour.” This project is the brainchild of “rAndom international.” The latest of rAndom’s installments appears in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is a must see attraction. This exhibit is awe-inspiring for both adults and children — though children see it more as ‘fun’ than ‘art.’

This exhibit is running: 05/12/2013 – 07/28/2013


Or View the Video Below to See the Rain Room In-Action:

Rain Room at the Barbican, 2012 from rAndom International on Vimeo.


Museum of Modern Art Device -- ibellhop

5 responses to “The Rain Room: The Museum of Modern Art

  1. Just watching this video clip and thinking about the idea is so refreshing. Many thanks for posting this and for finding and following dragonshades.

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