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Hotel Julien Dubuque --

The city of Dubuque, Iowa has a rich history filled with French explorers, Pioneers, industry magnates, and even a few depression-era mobsters. One of the oldest American settlements west of the Mississippi River, French explorers first arrived in the valley as early as 1673, though Dubuque wasn’t officially a city until 1833.

Almost as old as the city itself, the Hotel Julian Dubuque is a national treasure, brimming with classical architecture, lavish interiors, and a long history of guests — both famous and infamous.

Hotel Julien Dubuque Entrance --

The building of the Hotel Julien Dubuque was an impressive sight in 1839, just as it is today. The massive edifice takes up the entire block and has shopping and dining options on the ground level that have been home to dozens of shops and eateries over the past 170 years. With its marble and stone facade, and centuries old style, it is a remnant from the past that lures visitors from all over the world, just to revel in a forgotten era that the Julien Dubuque owners and staff do a wonderful job of maintaining.

Htel Julien Dubuque Lobby --

Upon walking into the lobby of the hotel, it is easy to see why this hotel is so renowned. The original dark wood of the ornately carved staircase pop against the cool cream colored marble floors, and invite guests into a relaxed, warm, and comfortable environment. The furniture gracing the lobby are all antiques, including the circular seats that were once popular in the most elite of Parisian hotels. The lighting too is original, with fogged glass shades and brass ornaments.

Many famous characters of history have walked into the exquisite lobby of the Hotel Julien and stared in awe at the lavish setting. Some of the Hotel’s most famous guests include Abraham Lincoln, Buffalo Bill Cody, Mark Twain, and even Al Capone.

Hotel Julien Dubuque Lounge --

Pictured above, you can see the results of a long and expensive process of renovations to the building. Renovations were not taken lightly during the planning stages and the actual renovation. Great care was taken to ensure that the interior and exteriors were renovated to the exact specifications that were originally set for the building. Though great care was taken to remain original with the restoration, modern conveniences were added in a perfect balance of modern and classic style.

When it comes to the rooms at the Hotel Julien, every room looks amazing and feels incredibly comfortable. It is hard not to picture yourself in the late 1800s when in the building; you can almost imagine seeing Abraham Lincoln entering — tophat and all.


“The Capone Suite”

Granite countertops, etched glass doors, and an antique mirror are just a few of the items that make this suite unique.


  • 2 Large Bedrooms
  • 2 Large Personal Bathrooms
  • 42″ LCD Flat Panel HDTV
  • Full Kitchen
  • Complimentary WIFI
  • Full Walk-In Showers
  • 2 King Sized Beds
  • Whirlpool Tub

The Hotel Julien Dubuque is a great destination for families, individuals, business travelers, and even for couples (The hotel offers weddings and wedding services as well.) Room rates are very affordable for the long list of amenities you receive. If you would like to find out about room rates, reservations, package deals, or to request more information visit the Hotel Julien Dubuque online at:

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