Summer Grilling 2013 and Site Updates

iBellhop -- Summer Grilling 2013 -- Exclusive Ipad

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“Hooray, hooray… we’re on our way… our summer vacation starts today” — Stan and Jan Berenstain

Summer is in full-bloom, and iBellhop is hungry for some summer BBQ! For the next few months , we will be running our “Summer Grilling 2013” campaign. What does this campaign entail? It intends to be a summer-long stream of articles, photo galleries, restaurant reviews, and — of course — our favorite Room Service Menus.


As always, we are continuing to update and optimize it for use all around the world, and on any device around. As iOS 7 release approaches, you will see many more updates, and resolution will be much greater in the future. [though, it is a constant battle against loading times — Sorry 😦 — ]

We will be posting a site update in a few hours tonight, as well. You will begin to see our “Summer Grilling” exclusives shortly.


We have already rolled out our newest feature that will improve navigating the site and add a little fun to digging deeper into iBellhop. You may have already noticed some of the iPhones around the site. The iPhones will display pictures relevant to where you will be led when you click on it. If you like what is on the mobile device, click on it and you will be taken to that featured story, gallery, article, or content. Right now, only the iPhones have been rolled out, but in the future you will see other types of devices as well. Remember that every device will be clickable and will take you to a new and interesting point in the website.


As always, we would like to thank everyone who frequents, and let you know that we truly do appreciate every read, like, click, and share. Our readers have been wonderful in the short 3 months iBellhop has been around, and we plan on repaying you with entertaining new features.

Thank you again,

-The Bellhops

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