Dining in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Restaurants in Dubrovnik, Croatia

In some of our most unique destinations, it can be a little difficult for a traveler to find the best places for dining or a quick snack. Language barriers aren’t much of a problem, as English is commonly spoken in any destination that holds tourism as one of its economic sources of income. Technology, however, is still quite lacking in many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. Many restaurants and eateries in the world’s most traveled-to cities do not have websites… sometimes, they might not even have signs.

In cultures where the best food and dining is usually found by knowing the owner or referrals from friends and family, how can a stranger find the same great locations?

Thankfully, there are many tourist cities that collectively working with restauranteurs and local commerce departments to make the jump into the digital age. In Dubrovnik, Croatia, Esculap Restaurant Group is making it easier to find the best traditional local dishes and some fare that is a little more exotic to Croatia.

Esculap Restaurant Group

By joining the forces of 6 of the area’s best restaurants together, Esculap has developed a powerful online tool that allows a visitor everything they need to know in choosing a spot for dinner, breakfast, or a late lunch. The Esculap portal is very well designed, and the information contained for each of the establishments is very detailed. Large-scale developers could take a tip from Esculap’s designers, as we found this website infinitely more helpful than anything from maps, business or restaurant guides online.

Restaurant Nautika Dubrovnik

Restaurant Nautika Dubrovnik

Restaurant Nautika was the first restaurant that caught our eyes. Touting all of the freshest ingredients that the Adriatic Sea has to offer, Nautika is much more than just a seafood restaurant, it is all food prepared in a mariner’s fashion. The best dishes from Nautika are the ever-changing array of plates that feature fresh lobster from the Dalmatian Island of Vis.

Below you will find a sampling from their menu:

Pope’s Menu

Lobster medallions Korčula style

Fish consommé with zanzarelli (sort of tender Home-made egg noodles)
Scampi tails Dubrovnik style

Boiled sea fish
Garnished with vegetables from Župa
Konavle cake

Croatian Grilled Fish

Croatian Grilled Fish

Croatian soup

Croatian soup

I would have to say that the thing we liked best about this great Croatian food-finding site is their maps for tourists. A very cool set of maps that are all visually rendered — easy for a person speaking any language to use.

Check out the maps they sent us below:

Restaurants in Dubrovnik map 1

An Illustrated map of restaurants in Dubrovnik

Restaurants in Dubrovnik Map 2

Aerial Map of Restaurants in Dubrovnik

While the restaurants featured on esculaprestaurants.com are rated the best, these are by no means the only options for dining in Dubrovnik. There are still many family-owned restaurants all over the city that are hold-outs, staying true to the traditional marketing campaigns of advertising by word of mouth. Kamenice is one such establishment that you won’t find any online menus or websites for, you have to search this one out for yourself.

With the help of this guide, you will be able to find the largest restaurants in Dubrovnik, but for some of the small dives, bistros, and hidden gems, you will have to make some friends around town in order to find them.


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