Destination: Coast of Croatia

Croatia Vacation

This feature is all about Croatia… Who is interested in Croatia? you might ask… I certainly am… I recently went to a Croatian wedding, and was touched by what I saw. I witnessed a culture that is alive, and celebrating life during every waking moment. As I spoke to the Croats, I realized why they were such a happy people: They enjoy all of the beauty of life, and celebrate life and society quite openly.


The Croatian Pastime, is Enjoyment

Once you land in Croatia, it may be quite a culture shock — even for the most liberal of American or European visitors. Croats hold a stronger connection to relaxation than most other surrounding cultures and countries. Modern Croatia, in-fact, is a destination that rivals St. Tropez and Mallorca for royalty, Heads of State, and travelers of all sorts.

Dubrovnik Bay

View of Dubrovnik Port

Dubrovnik is a city that hundreds of conquerors have set their sights-on, in the past. Dubrovnik’s walled city-center has remained untouched to centuries of invaders; despite numerous attempts to capture the city, Dubrovnik has remained a tribute to a culture that just wants to live their lives — and keep outsiders out! Still, the city is now a tourist attraction, and lulls visitors from all around the world. Just be careful, the walls and turrets protecting the city are not just for-show, the city considers itself separate from its neighbors, and the ongoing turmoil in the region.

Rovinj Travel

The harbor of Rovinj is the second-most popular destination in Croatia — just behind the Walls of Dubrovnik. A favorite of travelers, architects, and artists, Rovinj is set as close to the sea as one can get. The sheer walls of this city stand proudly, just meters-away from the sea.

Rovinj Port

Croatia City Streets

Croatia City Streets

Stari Grad, HvarCroatia is a diamond of the Mediterranean that has spent years unpolished, and untouched for hundreds of years. If-ever, there was a place to visit — on this planet — that held its own history above the rest of the world, that would be Croatia.

City of Korcula, Croatia

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