We Are Setting Sail in May


It is the cusp of summer and our office windows are beginning to heat up… That has us thinking about the ocean,and –quite frankly — we are getting island-fever.

Here is a run-down of what we have coming up for the month of May:

Mauritius Banner

Stay tuned for our article “Destination: Mauritius” when we cover in-depth the Indian Ocean island paradise that has had us daydreaming for months.

Also this month:

hanna banner

We will be having Breakfast at The Hannah House, a Bed and Breakfast that does much more than just plain eggs in the mornings


“Gallery: Cities on Cliffs” — High Resolution Photos of Cities with stunning elevation and architecture.

Read This Article now:


We are setting sail this summer. Travel with us and explore the top maritime getaways this year:

Getting a  cruise, day trip or other types of boating experiences is easy with our ideas.

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