Gallery: Cities on Cliffs

Cities on Cliffs


“I have lived most of my life in the flat bottoms of valleys… So I get very excited about any town, city, or destination that has character of elevation.”

Editor-In-Chief: International Bellhop

“Cities that are built in some of the most masterful of fashions, that’s our focus for this Sunday. Some our ports-of-call, others hug the sides of alpine granite; all of them will mesmerize you. I thank you — as always — for your readership, and present to you our gallery of ‘Cities on Cliffs…’

Montenegro Cliffs

Montenegro — Literally the gateway between two societies and tow histories, is riddled with cliffs and scars in its coastal breaks. A great many of these gouged, steep waterways have been constructed with gorgeous destinations that begin at the ports, and crawl up the steepest cliffs — as they run the summits of the surrounding hills.

Azenhas do Mar, Portugal

Azenhas do Mar, Portugal

Portugal’s cliffs are some of the most impressive in Europe.


Street of houses in Manarola

Street of houses in Manarola



Dubrovnik in Croatia

Ronda Andalucia

Ronda Andalucia

Elevation is a very desired aesthetic in design, and all of these locations have amazing range of elevation. Great photos, and great vacation cities.

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